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The One-Two Punch

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One of the keys to building a strong marketing plan is to understand the difference between creative versus directive advertisement and how they work together. It can make the difference of someone choosing you over your competition. For example:

Let's say that you are doing a great job of branding your company by keeping your name in front of the public with radio ads, TV ads and direct mail. These forms of advertising are called creative advertisement. This mass market advertising is going out to people who are looking for your products but the majority are not looking right now. The real power in branding is to make an impression on those who are not interested or don't need your product right now.

The One-Two Punch Once someone is in the market for your product, they may still not think of you. So, they will go where they can search for it. This form of advertising is called directive advertisement. And today that means going to the Internet. So they go to Google and type in their keywords. They see you among five of your competitors. This is where your branding pays off. They didn't remember you before, but chances are they will now. Your branding has made you stand out to them. You have combined two different types advertisements and made it the One-Two Punch.