SEO Tips for Success

Don't be fooled. Creating a nice looking web site is not going to magically appear... Read more..

The One-Two Punch

One of the keys to building a strong marketing plan is to understand the difference... Read more..

Don't be fooled. Creating a nice looking web site is not going to magically appear in Google overnight.

The vast majority of web sites don't have a chance in the search engines. Why? Because of simple mistakes. Because the people creating the sites don't have a clue what they should do to make the site easy for search engines to work with, because they don't understand the role of links pointing to their site, and because they've never thought about keywords. Because, because, because.

Make sure you've done you're homework and know that you're using the right keywords on your web pages.

Create pages that search engines can read and will index them in they way you want them to.

Don't get stupid and do things you know may get you penalized by the search engines. It's hell getting back in.

Build links, build links, build links. Did I say build links?

Professional SEO
All of this is good and fine but you may not have the time to do this yourself. Adding to this, Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to keep people from manipulating their system to get their sites to the top spot. Web designers (who know all of the basic SEO techniques) normally can only rocket your site to the top of the second page or bottom of first page. Moving from the bottom of page one to one of the top three spots can mean doubling your sales. Getting there is hard work and worth the effort. So what do you do? You hire a professional SEO Optimizer. We partner with Expert Internet Systems. Our clients are very pleased with their results. Feel free to call us to learn how to get started.
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