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Ad Tracking Management
We provide the necessary analytics required to monitor an ad campaign successfully. Put your entire campaign under our monitoring system and know for certain which ads are working for you and which ones are not. Our reports will tell you: Who called from your ad? Did they buy your product? How many bought it and how many didn't? What is my ROI?

Call Recording
The first step in tracking the performance of an ad is to know which one of your customers used it to buy your product. What's the best way to do this? Use unique phone numbers in your ads. Those unique phone numbers are then forwarded to your main line. The next step is to record the call. Call Recording allows you to know which one of your customers called from Ad A, B or C.

Call Whisper
Call Whisper can be used instead of Call Recording. Call Whisper allows you to receive a short message or a  "whisper" that only you, the person answering the call, can hear on an incoming call. When answering the call you are notified with a short message that the phone call is coming from a specific ad. You can then record that data into your Content Management System.

SEO Ad Tracking
Pay Per Click and Organic SEO can be very expensive. You might want to know just how well it's working. Our system dynamically switches the phone number on your web site to one you assign to a keyword and search engine. This works great for pay per click and for referral sites. And now, our system also tracks organic searches as well.

*Please note - that our system works best for businesses that typically schedule an appointment over the phone or provide their name to request more information. Please give us a call to ask any questions or to further discuss our Ad Tracking Management System.

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